Communication is a critical tool for the success of any business, and is also critical for the growth and development of your fitness center.

RADICAL FITNESS® offers you the opportunity of making the most of these tools when it comes to capturing future members and whetting the appetite of existing ones, retaining them for longer periods and enhancing class attendance.

How do we do it?

Each training program has its own style and identity: therefore it also has a specific image. This image is related with the activity that is to be conducted and its expected results. By using posters or banners conveying this particular image, we are able to MOTIVATE our clients to attend any given class.

Succeeding in getting our members to take their first class is only the first step, but it is the most important one! Once our participants have taken this first class, we will make sure that they come back as a result of the quality of our programs and instructors.

People also associate marketing with the quality of the company that is resorting to it, in this case your fitness center. Not surprisingly the largest Hollywood production companies invest millions of dollars in film promotion using marketing resources. Decorating your fitness center with posters and banners with the goal of putting across the essence of our different training programs will undoubtedly endow your business with compelling visual power.

In sum, our programs are also brands and products that people like to buy, and even though the content is what matters most, we should not overlook the package, which will ensure overwhelming success.

We have a large amount of marketing material and we can also offer you our Marketing Consulting Services, which will specifically devote itself to optimizing your fitness center in different areas.

As well, explanatory brochures and flyers are absolutely necessary for proper communication. RADICAL FITNESS® has several examples of this type of promotional material, which you will be able to adapt to your business.

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