From the Latin radicalis: that is far from the usual or traditional.
That tends to make extreme changes in visions, habits, conditions or existing institutions.

Radical Fitness® is an international company with offices in the United Sates (New York), New Zealand (Wellington) and Argentina (Buenos Aires), specialising in the development of group fitness training programs with more than 25 years of experience.

Radical Fitness® is continually at the cutting edge of new fitness trends, brining to our customers (and their clients) the latest in group fitness strategies.




Radical Fitness was founded by Nathaniel Leivas and Gaby Leivas in 2004.

This combing of entrepreneurs, who have between them an impressive professional career of more than 25 years in the fitness industry worldwide, have focused 100 percent of their work on the care of physical and mental health through physical activity, nutrition and meditation.

Their motivation and their passion for sport and constant movement is reflected in specific and tangible results for those who participate in their fitness programs around the world through fun trainings executed with music, which provide positive experiences with high levels of energy.

This system is enhanced by regular updates and renewal of exercises and training routines, quarterly training of its official instructors and the development of audiovisual support content (music and video).

Radical Fitness® develops and offers 12 innovative training programs that cover different categories of fitness with routines that are updated quarterly.

Radical Fitness® produces 40 classes and training videos per year and over 400 songs (musical covers) performed by Argentine artists (singers and musicians) in the Radical Fitness® audio and video studios located in the audiovisual district in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



To accompany the launch’s of the training programs, the company generates and promotes four marketing campaigns, generating more than 40 posters per year to publicise its twelve programs, including the development of promotional materials for use in social networks, digital platforms and printing for the use of clubs to promote the programs.


In addition, to accompany the professional development of licensed gym owners, Radical Fitness® offers Radical Management, business management and consulting seminars, as well as ongoing training for fitness instructors at Radical University, at its exclusive training centre.

According to Nathaniel Leivas: “We are experimenters, we seek change through creation and constant innovation. That's why we focus on developing disruptive, different and non-traditional products to create truly radical fitness training programs”.