POWER ® is a challenging muscle toning, strength and endurance training program that uses a bar with interchangeable weights.

POWER ® is intelligently designed to offer four class formats: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Each format trains the muscle groups in different combinations and thus allows participants to achieve better and faster results!


The POWER CARDIO ® format combines the bar training blocks with simple and athletic AEROBIC training blocks to accentuate the aerobic and cardiovascular work.

Each class of POWER ® is a completely new stimulus and a challenge for the muscles.



It boosts metabolism and fat loss / major calorie burn - 800 calories in one hour. Strengthens your back, shoulders, and core, helping to correct bad posture. Enhance mood and reduces stress. POWER® classes releases endorphins.
Increases muscle tone / gains strength without bulking. Increases metabolism. Increases the strength of your entire immune system.
Enhances cardiovascular health. It boosts confidence. Easy to follow - anyone can do it - ease of simplicity (medium and high intensity options).
Fat loss. Improves posture, sleep, mood and energy levels. Improves strength and endurance of the whole body.
Decreases risk of osteoporosis. POWER® classes not only strengthens your muscles; it strengthens your bones.