X55 ®

X55 ® is specially designed to burn calories and at the same time to work and tone your legs and glutes.

This novel system uses the weight of the body itself as its resistance and through other props such as hand weights and or bands the intensity of the training is increased.

This aerobic and toning workout - two in one - is unique in its results, especially if you do not have a lot of time to train!

X55 PLUS ®

The X55 PLUS ® format also includes high intensity sports and functional exercises that accelerate’s fat burning and increases agility, flexibility and mobility to your entire body.



It boosts metabolism and fat loss / major calorie burn - 800 calories in one hour. Strengthens and tones the legs and glutes. Increases the strength of your entire immune system.
Increases muscular endurance. Increases cardiovascular fitness. Improves posture, sleep, mood and energy levels.
Increases cardiovascular fitness. Lowers stress levels by increasing endorphins. Decreases risk of osteoporosis. X55® classes not only strengthens muscles; it strengthens your bones.
Fat loss. Builds self-confidence. Medium and high intensity options available.