1. Training Programs

Group fitness training classes and programs which are tested and scientifically based are created by world leaders in fitness. Radical Fitness® provides gyms, clubs and instructors 12 training programs with the best system of education, updating and product communication in the market.

2. Qualified staff

Official Trainers (OT) are group and personal fitness instructors who undertake two or three day intensive training by Radical Fitness® Master Trainers. Continuous training: they are able to update their knowledge four times a year in seminars and practical workshops.

3. Marketing

Radical Fitness® offers marketing materials, videos, trailers, posters, banners and brochures for clubs to communicate with members about the programs.

4. Equipment

Radical Fitness offer’s the ability to purchase program equipment through affiliated suppliers.

5. Sale of sports apparel

Exclusive Radical Fitness® sportswear for members and the possibility of generating a new revenue stream for your company.


The Radical Fitness Group Fitness programs and their routines, which are updated every three months (i.e., four times a year), have been created by International Fitness professionals under the guidance and supervision of Gabriela Leivas and Nathaniel Leivas.

Therefore the resulting product is always riding the crest of the wave in the fitness industry, and the quality and musical selection of each program are guaranteed at all times.
PRE-ESTABLISHED training format
Each program has been developed according to the Radical Fitness standard, which is the exclusive property of the Radical Fitness IMF (Intelligent Music Format).

This concept affords each training program a well-structured session planning format, thus endowing it with an identity of its own.

Each program has its own format and training model, and each instructor use’s it when designing each class.

This format includes such parameters as:

- Number of tracks and training segments per class.
- Training objectives assigned to each track / segment.
- Criteria for the selection, number and allocation of moves and move combinations in each segment.
- Discipline-specific movements and exercises that have been tested to deliver the best results without injuries.
- A musical structure for each track establishing the parameters for the execution and pedagogy of each routine, exercise and move pattern.
- Music speed consistent with each training objective.
- Exercise length and complexity parameters that regulate physiological demands as well as training objectives.
- Special music effects that prompt the instructor to make changes at preset moments.

All these parameters afford both the instructor and the fitness centre the tools that are required for delivering a consistent and robust product at each class throughout the entire year.

The robustness of our products, coupled with a sense of continuity, will give participants a feeling of control and persistency that will encourage them to continue to come to the program’s classes, thus enhancing customer retention during the year, and ensuring tangible physical results.
Fitness centre owners or coordinators need not worry about the content of any given class of the weekly schedule; about whether the classes are too difficult or too simple; or about whether the instructor in charge may cause participants to get injured on account of poor move selection, or because of having chosen excessively fast music that only a few can follow.

None of these problems will exist any longer, because if the instructor is teaching a FIGHT DO class, for example, the IMF format of this program and the educational sessions that the instructor has attended will ensure a top-quality product, preventing the program from losing its identity and guaranteeing proper quality control.
The IMF design enables adapting the different formats of each program to both male and female participants with varying profiles in terms of age and other factors.

There is no doubt about the fact that it is not the same to deliver a class to teenagers at six in the evening than to teach a group of mums who arrive at the fitness centre for their training session at 10.00 a.m. after they have dropped off their kids at school.

Regardless of the type of classes that each of these clients might select, Radical Fitness offers the opportunity of adapting each program to the various target audiences. Thus training may be organised by selecting execution speeds and exercises that are just right for audiences ranging from seniors to advanced students. Instructors can learn about these planning tools at the Radical Fitness certification seminars, which offer indispensable know-how on how to tailor classes to each schedule and group.

Thanks to the Radical Fitness know-how, instructors will be able to manage their classes within the structure and the parameters of each program. This is a critical ability when it comes to maintaining the quality and robustness of each product, and it is also a tool that will enable instructors to modify the essential indicators that regulate training complexity and intensity.

In this manner, Radical Fitness achieves a perfect balance between the stringency and robustness of its programs. This endow’s each product with a proper identity and quality assurance, and freedom, which can be exercised under the guidance of a complex system of physiological, pedagogical and training rules that help to customise classes to make them suitable to each specific audience.
Offering Radical Fitness programs at your fitness centre will automatically enhance service quality at group fitness sessions, ranging from music selection to pedagogy, move choice, adaptability, effective achievement of results and instructor professionalism, which will be reflected in such aspects as his/her clothing and his/her confidence during session delivery.
Fitness centres joining RADICAL FITNESS PROGRAMS must train their own instructors in the RADICAL FITNESS programs, or else hire already trained instructors available in the market. This is a support service that RADICAL FITNESS offers across the RADICAL FITNESS PROGRAMS system.

Formally called Official Trainers (OTs), Radical Fitness instructors are awarded international certifications that guarantee that they have all the necessary knowledge for conducting group fitness sessions and managing the adaptability parameters of each class.

Description of an Official Trainer by Radical Fitness®

The Official Trainers (OT) of Radical Fitness® are highly qualified instructors: they have passed our certifications and passed a rigorous exam to obtain an an international title.

Our OT’s have the ability to create and / or adapt each class to meet the requirements of each group of participants. This tool is critical for capturing and retaining members. Each schedule and group of participants at the fitness centre will be different, and evaluating them individually is essential for adjusting classes to their specific requirements.

Every three months each instructor is updated in each program learning the new exercise routine and getting acquainted with the latest advances in fitness worldwide, not only in the specific area of ​​each training program, but in general guidelines, such as pedagogy and customer service.
Audiovisual and educational material (Music and Video)
Every three months Radical Fitness® develops the production of mixes (containing a video and music) for each of their group fitness programs. Each mix is ​​made up of the playlist with the music specially selected and edited with the Intelligent Musical Format of each program and the videos with the new class that the instructor can copy or adapt for use in their classes.

Radical Fitness® uses an App for the distribution and use of their music and video. More info see the Radical Mobile link
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A fundamental factor in keeping clients motivated is the constant variation of group fitness classes.

The quarterly update of new music and training routines offers the gym the ability of constantly marketing the classes, with new songs and routines. Every three months the gym can relaunch each class using the marketing tools offered by Radical Fitness®
Marketing Tools
Every three months, Radical Fitness® offers a new image campaign delivered in poster format, banners and resources for use by email or online for the programs.
Sportswear is an integral part of our marketing efforts and is also a way of making money and building a secondary business in the fitness centre. Each program calls for specific gear, so that offering the sportswear at the fitness centre is an essential service that adds value to the business.

In addition, instructors will be teaching their classes wearing the relevant program’s special clothing, which will bear the program’s logos and brands: this will project the image that the instructors are wearing a Radical Fitness uniform, endowing the program with considerable reliability, as this will again show that this is not just another class made up by the instructor, but is instead part of an international program with brand support. These feelings will contribute to the robustness of the system and will build greater trust in it on both a member and a fitness centre level.

It is like offering an unknown local soft drink or an internationally renowned brand such as Pepsi. Partnering with international companies adds value because the outstanding brand’s prestige is built into the fitness centre. Sportswear also helps to build member enthusiasm and loyalty towards the program.

This is a very important factor, as it is fundamental that members visit the fitness centre for the sake of the programs themselves. If they attend solely for the instructor’s sake, as soon as this instructor leaves for one reason or another, at least some of the students are likely to follow suit. This potential problem is prevented by building member loyalty towards the Radical Fitness system.

The sportswear business can be very profitable by itself, and can contribute an attractive source of income to the fitness centre’s monthly budget.
100% legal Music
Radical Fitness® produces more than 100 authored cover songs every three months in its own studios at its head office in Argentina, so the music is 100 percent legal.

This is a fundamental factor when it comes to complying with the organisations in New Zealand (One Music) and Australia (APRA, AMCOS, PPCA).

In New Zealand and Australia gyms pay a higher fee for using songs from the original artists therefore by playing Radical Fitness music not only do gyms get excellent music but also music with a very economic value, ideal in maintaining a low budget.

Since the music of Radical Fitness® is 100 percent legal, the gym that uses it avoids fines for having illegal copies of music, a recurring factor when musical selection is left in the hands of instructors, who resorts to buying illegal music CDs for their classes or violate copyrights by making illegal music downloads from the internet.

If you want to be sure of offering music that is 100 percent legal and with low fees when paying the copyright regulatory bodies, Radical Fitness® offers the best service.

With more than 5 years in the market and with over 10,000 own titles, the music library of Radical Fitness® has no competition.