HYPER C - the best core HIIT program, providing an intense and effective workout for the abs and glutes!

The key to all body movements is dependent on your core stability, strength and mobility. With it you can do everything from the mundane to the extreme. Without it and the easiest of tasks becomes the impossible.

Enter HYPER C. A strength and conditioning program specially for the abdominals and glutes, which will help you to do almost anything.

HYPER C uses the HIIT formula, providing greater results in a shorter amount of time. In fact the training is so superior that it can be offered as a 15 or 30 minute workout.

HYPER C is what ALL abs and butt programs should be, innovative, challenging and rewarding.



Increases the ability to BURN FAT during and after training. Reduces back pain and the risk of injury. Offers results in a few weeks. Improving physical condition, health and aesthetics in a short time.
Helps build a rock-solid core Releases endorphins in the brain. Saves time and is effective. A HYPER C® class is performed in a maximum of half an hour, up to three sessions per week.
Builds muscle. Builds self-confidence. Provides an accessible workout. No equipment - You do not need equipment to do it. Only your body and the desire to train!.
Enhances and increases metabolism. Increases the strength of your entire immune system. Easy to follow - anyone can do it - ease of simplicity (medium and high intensity options).
Improves posture, stability, balance and coordination. Helps control blood sugar levels, improve blood pressure and reduce the risk of obesity.