Gabriela Leivas and Nathaniel Leivas, founders and directors of Radical Fitness®, have developed this effective educational system of comprehensive certifications so that you can train in the specific program that interests you the most.

Radical Fitness® Master Trainers deliver the program certifications which cover:

- Program structure and IMF (going over basic structure of the class and physiology behind the class)

- Program movement requirements (technique)

- Explanation of each track and its objectives

- Practical understanding of the program rules of adaptability (intensity and complexity)

- Group and individual teaching techniques to assist in delivering a safe and effective class.

- Music and planning of classes.

- Cueing, coaching, communication and leadership skills.

Radical Fitness® and its outstanding team of Master Trainers will endorse you with an international title with which you can teach your chosen program(s) in over 43 Radical Fitness licensed countries at any licensed Radical Fitness club. Assuring you success in your professional development, in a competitive market where knowledge is the key to success.

The Radical Fitness® training programs have been developed as thorough and in-depth certifications which are run over 2 or 3 days (depending on the program).

Radical Fitness program certifications come with 15 CPD points in New Zealand and 15 CEC points for (Fight Do, X55, Oxigeno, Power, Top Ride, Factor F, Ubound, KiMax) and 10 CEC points for HYPER C and ELEVEN in Australia. For cost’s and packages available email or


With more than 25 years of experience in the development of training programs for gyms and instructors in more than 40 countries around the globe Radical Fitness® invites you to be part of our family.