Radical Fitness ®

An exclusive service for gyms, sports centres,
clubs and personal training businesses for which
they receive a license for the use of Radical Fitness® group
fitness training programs, educational material for continuous training,
in format audiovisual (music and video) and marketing
and promotion material on a quarterly basis for the promotion and
development of the programs in their clubs.

Radical Fitness ®

Radical Fitness® exclusive gyms,
which offer their brand and seal of distinction by
embodying the spirit of Radical Fitness® in
the gym business, with a management system
specially developed for the gym to be a highly profitable business.


Radical Fitness ®

Establishments selling sports and urban
clothing with the Radical Fitness® brand.

The Radical Fitness® system creates professional fitness entrepreneurs, with a
strategic and competitive vision of the market, who are seen as the "vanguard"
of the market and who identify with the concept of always being ahead
of competitors and creating and doing things in a "radical" way.