It’s time to take it up a notch. Energy, attitude and a whole lot more. Are you ready to raise the bar higher than you’ve ever been?

ELEVEN - the ultimate HIIT training program. Using only your body weight to perform plyometric, functional and athletic exercises, you will reach limits you’ve never experienced or reignite memories of past sporting endeavours’.

The practise of ELEVEN releases adrenaline, growth hormone and testosterone that maximises fat burning and strengthening of the muscles.

Eleven will change not only your body but also your mind as you reach the next level of physical training.



Burns fat during and after training / burns between 300 and 400 calories for each 30-minute session. Major calorie burn! Increases agility and flexibility. Improves insulin sensitivity and increases glucose consumption, therefore, beneficial for diabetics.
Builds muscle. Releases endorphins in the brain. Offers results in a few weeks. Improving physical condition, health and aesthetics in a short time.
Increases metabolism. Builds self-confidence. Saves time and is effective. An ELEVEN ® class is performed in a maximum of half an hour, up to three sessions per week.
Improves aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Increases the strength of your entire immune system. Provides an accessible workout. No equipment - you do not need equipment to do it. Only your body and the desire to train!
Improves the performance of the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Controls sugar levels, blood pressure and obesity. Easy to follow - anyone can do it - ease of simplicity (Medium and high intensity options).