RADICAL FITNESS MOBILE is designed for Official Trainers certified by Radical Fitness®. If you are certified and have passed then you can use the App.

RADICAL FITNESS MOBILE is exclusively for Radical Fitness® Official Trainers. If you have not yet signed up with Radical Fitness®, write to us asking for more information and how to be part of our team. Information: For New Zealand: and for Australia:

Radical Fitness Mobile has FREE promotional content for any user who downloads the application. Simply download the App and follow the instructions and you can view ‘test drives’s of our twelve programs.
Where can I download the RADICAL FITNESS App?
For Iphone, Ipads or Tablets users RADICAL FITNESS MOBILE is available through the Apple App Store.

For users of smartphones with the Android platform the application is available for download from the Play Store.
The use of the APP is very intuitive, but you can download the user guide PDF, to have access to all the necessary information. PDF CLICK HERE - Or watch the instructional video here:
How to activate the App
Send us an email to New Zealand or Australia requesting access to the RADICAL FITNESS APP.
How often is the content updated?
The latest routines for each program (music and video) will be updated quarterly in the months of April (Fest 1), July (Fest 2), October (Fest 3) and December (Fest 4).

Updates of new songs and videos will be automatically uploaded onto activated devices as long as your payments are up to date.
How do I play the songs to teach?
You must connect your device (smartphone or tablet) to the audio equipment at the gym. It is important to check the wires necessary to make the connection. You can also connect the wireless connection to a sound system that uses Bluetooth.
How do I keep my phone from ringing or receiving calls, messages or notifications while I'm teaching?
Activate airplane mode to block all incoming calls and messages when using the App whilst teaching a class.
Can you temporarily stop access to RADICAL FITNESS MOBILE?
The temporary access break will not be allowed.

If you wish, you can cancel access to the App but this also cancels the Official Trainer contract that enables you to teach classes and you will not be able to access or use the application.


What types of devices does the App install on?
The RADICAL FITNESS MOBILE App can be installed on iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch and optimised with iOS 7.0 or later.
In devices with Android platform it is necessary to install 4.0.3 or later. The App cannot be installed on Android tablets.

Compatibility with devices

A. Apple devices: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, iPad 2 and, third generation and fourth generation, iPad Air, IPadMini first generation, second generation, Mini iPod Touch fifth generation or more.

B. Android devices of different brands that use version 4.0.3 or higher.

C. Windows Mobile devices are not compatible with the RM application.
How can I find out the version of the software I use?
1. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: On the home screen, tap Settings> General> About. The software version of your device should appear on the screen.

2. On Android phones: there are numerous brands with different ways to find the version, however, we recommend going to Settings> Options> About the device.
Do I need internet access to use the music to teach classes?
Once the songs are downloaded onto your device, the content is always available without the need for the Internet.
Do I have to have access to the Internet to watch the videos?
Video playback requires that the equipment is connected to Wi-Fi (internet), or use 3G or LTE mobile data, since the video is viewed through the streaming system, similar to YouTube.
Does the App use my phone data?
Not unless you authorize the App to use your mobile date. If you are connected to Wi-Fi (internet), the phone plan data is not used for music or videos.
I want to change my email address
To change email you have to notify us to update your email address in the App. Email for New Zealand and for Australia


If you want to play music, and you are NOT connected to Wi-Fi (Internet), the device’s data will be used ONLY the first time you download a release (using 3G or LTE). During download the music is stored in the device, so when the song is played in future, no data is being used, nor is it necessary to be connected to Wi-Fi (internet).


If you want to play the videos and you are NOT connected to Wi-Fi (internet) the data of your phone plan will be used (using 3G or LTE).

We recommend watching the videos with Wi-Fi connection so as not to use the data of the phone plan. In any case, if necessary, you can also see the videos using the data in the case of an emergency.

Will watching videos increase my data of my phone plan?
Access to the videos is available through 3G and LTE, but to make sure you do not have any major expense in accessing the data, we recommend that you study the videos only when using a free Wi-Fi connection.
Can I download RADICAL FITNESS MOBILE music to my computer, a CD or iTunes?
The content of the App cannot be downloaded to your computer or recorded on a CD. Music and videos are the intellectual property of Radical Fitness®, and to maintain legal compliance with music licensing rights, all songs are downloaded and played directly and only from the device.
Can I install RADICAL FITNESS MOBILE on more than one device?
The App works on one device per user. If you installed it on your first device and want to log into use it on a second device, you must log into the second device. There you will see a notification that will say that you cannot log in because you are using the first device. Then call or email Radical Fitness and ask that the first device be deactivated from the system and the second activated. This is to protect your loyalty as OT against piracy.
What happens if I lose my cell phone?
You must download the App on another device and enter your data. A notification will appear that the device has been changed.

You will have to notify us of the device change in order to continue using RADICAL FITNESS MOBILE.


Problems with the Internet

• There is no connection through the cellular network (mobile data), but it works through Wi-Fi.

• Slow data connection through your device.

• Data connection by intermittent cell phone.

• Can not connect to 3G / LTE.

• Alert message "Unable to activate mobile data connection" Solution: I followed these steps to solve these problems. After performing each step, check if the problem is resolved.

1. Airplane mode: Press Settings, activate the airplane mode, wait three seconds and then deactivate the airplane mode.

2. Restart the phone.

3. Check if there is a software update. Some updates may require a Wi-Fi connection.

4. Try from another location.

5. Reset the network configuration.
Problems with the video

• The loading time exceeds the limit.

• Slow execution.

Possible causes:

• Lack of Internet connection.

• Connection to the Internet or 3G data and LTE low.


1. THE MOST COMMON: Make sure you are within range of a router or Wi-Fi transmitter base.

2. If you find yourself with a device with mobile data service, make sure that the mobile data usage for the App is activated.

3. Make sure you have an active Internet connection. If you have an iOS device you can check the user guide of the device to help with the Internet connection. For other devices check manufacturer's guides.

4. Check that the airplane mode is off.

5. If you want to test the available bandwidth capacity, you can run and check the speed of the Internet.

6. You should also make sure that other devices (tablets or laptops, for example) are able to connect to the Wi-Fi network and the Internet.
Error message: ‘oops, is not connected to the Internet’
Possible causes:

• Lack of Internet connection.

• Low signal Internet connection.


• Make sure you are within range of a router or Wi-Fi hotspot. If you are on a device with mobile data service, activate mobile data and turn off Wi-Fi.

• Make sure you have an active Internet connection. If you have an iOS device you can check the user guide of the device to help with the Internet connection. For other devices check the manufacturer's guides.

• Make sure the airplane mode is off.

• If you are on a public network, you must agree to the terms of the facilities (* usually shown on a pop-up page).

• You can also make sure that other devices (tablets or laptops, for example) are able to connect to the Wi-Fi network and the Internet.

• If you want to test the available bandwidth capacity, you can run and check the speed of the Internet.
Problems downloading the music
1. While you can download the music using the data of your mobile phone plan (3G or 4G / LTE) we recommend downloading the music in its quarterly releases connected to a WiFi Internet network, to have faster file downloads. The new App is of the latest generation and offers a higher quality of music than the previous application, so it is important to have a modern, current device with good storage capacity, with volume and fast power, so that the App works at 100 %. As a fitness professional having a good device to teach classes is essential, to offer the best sound quality and speed in the reproduction of all content.

2. If you have problems downloading music, we recommend that you choose intermediate quality - called: High Quality - because each song uses half the space and weight of the Extreme Quality. Example: 1 track of 5 minutes in High Quality weighs 5 MB and 1 track of 5 minutes in Extreme Quality weighs 12 MB

3. If you are downloading music and it is cut, a sign will indicate that your connection is slow; In that case, do not hit “cancel”. Hit "Retry", go back to the menu and try to download it again. This way, if you had already downloaded for example, 5 songs of 10, when you try again, it will continue to go down the remaining 5. (On the other hand, if you click cancel when you try again, you will download all the songs again).
Problems receiving the Invitation to use the App as an Official Trainer
If you still have not received the invitation first check that the invite has not ended up in your junk or spam inbox.

If it is not there then you can contact Radical Fitness to get them to resend another invite. Alternatively you login as an OT in the new App by downloading it from the App Store or Play Store. Find it with "RADICAL FITNESS MOBILE" and install it.
br>Once the App is installed, open it and retrieve the password by clicking on "Forgot your password." Enter the email you have given to Radical Fitness and the new password will arrive in that email. Then login onto the initial screen of the App, placing your email again as your username, and the password you received by email. If you are paying for the App content you will see the mixes of the programs in which you are certified and that you are paying for.
I cannot reset my password
To recover the password, click on: "Forgot your password." Then enter the email you have given to Radical fitness, and the new password will arrive in that email. Next log in on the initial screen of the App, using your email as your username, and the password you received by email. You can access the link that you received by email to modify the password Radical Fitness provided to you.
If the screen is black when you log in
It can be due to two reasons:

- That you have not authorised the use of the location services when you first signed up.

- That the device is not compatible with the App. In the latter case, communicate with Radical Fitness to do more tests to know if this is really the problem. If the device is not compatible, it means that the technology it has is NOT ‘last generation’, so we recommend you buy a new device (Smartphone or Tablet) modern and current, with good storage capacity and fast, so that the App works at 100%.

- That you are not connected to the internet.
How do I change my password to my own?
To change the password to one of your own choosing you will need to access the App through the initial login through your device. When you enter in your own email address as your user name and the password given to you by Radical Fitness it will ask you then if you wish to change your password and you can then enter in your own one.  If you do not have the initial email invite contact Radical Fitness to send you another invite so you can change the password to your own one or click on forgot password and it will send you another invite.

Do you have more questions? Send us an email or