Radical Fitness® offers a way of obtaining new members as well as retaining current members and increasing attendance in the classes.

How do we do it?

Each training program has its own style and identity, therefore, it also has an image. This image is related to the activity being participated in and the results that will be obtained when doing it. Through posters or banners that convey this image, we manage to motivate members to attend classes.

Getting your members to take their first class is not only the first step but the most important one! Once they participate in the experience we make sure they come back, thanks to the quality of our programs and instructors.


Radical Fitness offers marketing materials such as promotion 30 second video clips on each of its twelve programs. Posters, banners, licensed Radical Fitness logo’s, free pass cards which are continually updated.

When starting out with Radical Fitness we provide you with a full launch plan.