From the Latin radicalis:

that is far from the usual or traditional. That tends to make extreme changes in visions, habits, conditions or existing institutions.

Ignite Your Fitness Spark with


The driving force behind RADICAL FITNESS® is Nathaniel and Gabriela Leivas, who have channeled over thirty years of passion and expertise into a global fitness phenomenon. They’ve taken their vision to over 60 countries, infusing their zest for life and sport into every program, making each workout an experience that goes beyond exercise.

At RADICAL FITNESS®, we believe in a holistic approach to health—where physical training, nutrition, and mental wellness come together. Our sessions are designed to be enjoyable and powered by music and energy, delivering not just a workout but a high-octane fitness experience.

Nathaniel Leivas puts it this way:

“We’re on a mission to craft not just unique and impactful fitness programs, but experiences that invigorate, motivate, and last a lifetime. We believe in fitness that stands out and speaks to everyone.”  

So whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, RADICAL FITNESS® is your all-access pass to a fitness community that’s as diverse as it is passionate. It’s time to make your move and be part of something truly radical.