Virtual Fitness empowers clubs, fitness centers, hotels and companies to transform their Group Fitness or Cycling studios into dynamic, on-demand fitness experiences. This innovation enables members to conveniently access and enjoy video workouts, even during off-peak hours, through a high-quality projector or expansive LED screen. Virtual Fitness is the key to unlocking the full potential of fitness centers, enabling them to offer a flexible and engaging fitness experience that caters to modern members’ needs, making workouts accessible and exciting 24/7.


The software and digital technology of RADICAL VIRTUAL are developed by the prestigious worldwide company MG from France, offering the best and latest online solutions for downloading and playing Radical videos.


Transforming Fitness with 3D Animations and Virtual Stages

Our team of specialized graphic designers at Radical Fitness brings innovation to life. With captivating 3D animations and virtual stages, we revolutionize fitness experiences, redefining how you embark on your fitness journey.

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