Background music system

for pre-scheduled music and

Radical Radio is a pioneering digital platform designed specifically for clubs and companies, providing an exceptional background music system for pre-scheduled music playlists and announcements. We offer a carefully curated playlist featuring Top 40 chart-toppers and timeless 80s and 90s classics, all presented in their original forms and exciting remixes across genres. Our cutting-edge programming system guarantees seamless access to this musical array, with automated playback available 24/7, ensuring an uninterrupted and energizing audio backdrop for the club environment.


Our platform provides the capability to remotely control music playlists, announcement selections, and messaging content from any location. This empowers club owners or administrators to make real-time adjustments and updates to the audiovisual experience, ensuring that the atmosphere is always tailored to the preferences and needs of members or employees. Whether it’s changing the workout soundtrack, broadcasting timely announcements, or modifying the overall ambiance, this remote control feature offers flexibility and convenience, allowing for seamless management from wherever you are.

The software and digital technology of Radical Radio are developed by the prestigious worldwide company MG from France.