About Us

RADICAL FITNESS®, the first Argentine company to create innovative and unique products for the global fitness industry was founded by Nathaniel Leivas and his wife Gabriela Leivas just 8 years ago. Nathaniel and Gabriela are entrepreneurs with high profiled backgrounds of over 20 year’s professional experience internationally.

They are driven by a passion for sports and constant movement which reflects in the results experienced by participants in RADICAL FITNESS® programs across the globe. Nathaniel and Gabriela have incorporated physical activity through entertaining programs that provide a positive and results driven experience for all.

With a business model based on franchises: Radical Fitness Programs, Radical Fitness Shops and Radical Fitness Clubs, the company is currently doing business in 42 countries and every 5 minutes there is a Radical Fitness® class starting somewhere in the world.

Radical Fitness Programs has developed and is now offering 10 innovative training programs which comprise various disciplines that are updated on a quarterly basis thus creating 40 training routines per year and 400 music covers created by Argentine artists in local recording studios. To promote each program, the company designs 4 marketing campaigns annually, including the development of promotional materials to assist clubs worldwide.

To assist clubs to build their Group Exercise business Radical Fitness® offers management and business consultancy seminars and for the fitness instructors there is ongoing education and up skilling available through the Radical University.

To supplement the services offered the company has introduced two new franchises: Radical Shop and Radical Fitness Clubs. The former offers sports and urban wear clothing. This gives clubs the opportunity to resell Radical Fitness Wear to their members under the “Radical Corner” concept. The latter includes state-of-the-art club design resembling those already operating in the Maldives and Lebanon.

According to Nathaniel Leivas, “We are experimenters, seeking change through constant creation and innovation. That is shy we focus on developing unique, different, non-traditional products in order to create really radical fitness training programs.”

With 8,000 licensed clubs, 30,000 certified instructors and approximately 3,200,000 people attending Radical Fitness® around the world Radical Fitness® features itself as a leading company in the fitness industry as it continues to grow.

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