Six weeks may have passed but…..I’m still buzzing after my first ever Radical World Summit.

Yes I know that I have been with Radical Fitness since the start, when we set up Radical in Australia and New Zealand, yet for various reasons it’s taken me more than 11 years to finally make it. But, I have no regrets and the fact that this one was at ‘home’, in Argentina, was more than I could have wished for.

I’ve been in the fitness industry (basically) all my life so I’ve experienced pretty much all there is. I’ve done similar events and trained with the best of them but…..this was by far the most exhilarating experience of my life.

Why? Our week in Argentina had finished, literally just a few hours ago. We (Aust. & NZ team) were heading to the airport for our flight home. Gavin Marshall asked each of us what our highlight was at RWS 2016. “Meeting and training with the RFC MT’s” said one. “The Fiesta” said another. Each with their own magical moment.

“What about you Teza?” Well, while I was still on a high from being onstage only a few hours ago, presenting at Fiesta 4, for me it was quite simply meeting and being with everyone from Radical.

It was Natha, Gaby, Melissa, Gavin, the MT’s and the support crew. It was every single person connected with this event, even the taxi drivers! Each helped to make this a memorable occasion that I will always cherish. Why? Let me tell you.

Natha and Gaby picked us (Gavin, Melissa and myself) up for lunch the day after I arrived, so what a great way to start my week in Buenos Aires.

After this I would go on to meet Pascale, his RF Central Europe team, Jeffrey and his amazing team from RF Taiwan/ China and Aki’s team from RF Japan. Some we even met on the streets of Buenos Aires, such was the amount of people arriving from all over the world.

On Thursday morning I got to hang out with Team Taiwan because we wanted to rehearse together, to run through our tracks for Fiesta 4. We thought we had a gym to train at but my inability to understand Spanish shelved those plans. Instead, we ended up training in front of abandoned shop fronts, which garnered quite a bit of interest from intrigued people walking past.

As we practised what blew me away was the teamwork. Everyone helped everyone! After we’d gone through a track one of their team members approached the MT, seemingly to offer advice. “Is that person an MT?” I ask. “No” she replies. So everyone in the team is valued so much so that they can offer feedback. That’s humility. That’s teamwork.

RADICAL FITNESS CENTRAL - I’ve been with Radical for so long and featured in a lot of our (NZ and Aust.) photos, which may explain why complete strangers recognised me when I arrived at RFC later that day, with all the other MT’s.

“Terry we finally meet” said one guy. “Ahhh my friend, I have followed you for many years and now here we are” said another. “Heyyyyyy, Terry. It is a pleasure to meet you” said one person. “Terry, we are Facebook friends”

I mean how cool is that? They put value in being friends on Facebook. That is just awesome.

I was in Buenos Aires last year and I was fortunate to be able to attend the RFC Christmas party, so it was great to catch up with my Radical family from Argentina.

No sooner had I said hello to Diego Ravanetti then Alex Carillo, from RF Mexico, extended his arm with that big smile and gives me a hug “Terry my friend, it’s so good to see you”. I had never met this guy before but I felt like we’d been friends for years. You meet some people and straight away you just know that they’re genuine, amazing people. Alex is definitely one of those but one by one I would meet more just like him in the next few hours.

At RFC, hanging on a wall, is a graphic with the words Radical DNA and a group of words to describe what that means. Humility, respect, passion and energy, commitment to RF, positive attitude and more. As I met each Master Trainer that day this graphic was more significant than ever.

I couldn’t help but think every Master Franchisee had chosen their team perfectly because it was no more evident than ever before, that each of these MT’s had the Radical DNA.

MASTER TRAINER DAY - The next day was specifically for Master Trainers. The excitement was building and no sooner had we arrived was the reassurance that this was going to be an amazing day.

Before long each country tried to stamp their mark, dancing, singing and conveying something culturally significant to their nation. I was the only person representing a country as an individual so I could only take in this awesome atmosphere as a spectator.

Gavin Marshall led the day with aplomb, encouraging us to take our energy to another level, not just today but for the whole weekend. The teamwork was incredible and we each knew that we were part of something very special.

RADICAL REHEARSALS - Next up was a whole day of rehearsals with all the MT’s. Each program was led by their Program Director but Head Master Trainer Pablo Garcia was always in charge, to ensure that everyone knew what was expected. It’s important to note that none of us could be more proud than to have this man as our ‘leader’. We all felt like we were in our spiritual home.

Never before have I been in a room where everyone was so eager to learn. We all got feedback on our delivery whether it was technique or otherwise, yet this was taken on with enthusiasm. Lessons learnt. The desire to improve.

Whether you were waiting for your turn or simply watching, everyone was keen to get as much as possible from the rehearsals to either help themselves or better yet, pass it on to others once they got home.

In the Fiesta I was to team teach with Pierre Habchy from Lebanon. I only knew of him from what I’d seen on Facebook but I was rapt to be paired with him for Fight Do at Fiesta 4. I met him on the Thursday at RFC and from then on I knew that I had another Radical brother, as we went on to practise together.

FIESTA 4 – As you walked into the arena you couldn’t help but be blown away. There before you was a huge room already set up with what looked to be 300+ spin bikes. At the front was a massive stage with a big video wall and bank of speakers on each side. If the excitement was building beforehand then this took things to another level. How good was this!

The MT’s began arriving, as did the OT’s who were just as excited as us. From the moment Top Ride kicked off, with music blaring, you felt like this was a dream that you never wanted to wake up from.

Each program from there on was just incredible. It didn’t matter what program. The MT’s lifted the energy of the room into the stratosphere, ensuring that what Gavin had asked of us a few days ago was carried on into the Fiesta.

Seeing each MT deliver the Radical programs with so much passion, so much energy and with teamwork confirmed for me that more than 11 years ago I made the right decision.

On my left forearm I have a tattoo with the Fight Do catch-phrase ‘Power of the Dragon’. Natha has the same on his right arm. I put it there two weeks after I’d left a previous employer, to mark my commitment to Radical Fitness. In a little moment to myself, during the Fiesta, I glanced at my arm, clenched my fist and said “Yes. I’m so glad I am Radical”