If you are wanting to experience the energy and intensity of a real fight, without being hit of course, then KIMAX® is just the training program you've been waiting for!

KI MAX® is performed on a free standing bag, which means that between 1-4 persons can execute combinations together, making it an effective option for small or large classes.

There's nothing quite like the experience of actually striking your opponent (the bag) to add that little bit more intensity to your workout. What then are the benefits? Your core (abdominal region) is much more active, you engage so much more muscle for energy and your lungs have to work so much harder. That can only mean one thing – you get a powerful workout that produces results.

With training aids such as gloves, wraps and more, a KI MAX® class is divided into multiple 'rounds' (tracks). Each class employs Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing strikes with simple combinations that are still intense and dynamic without being complicated.

KIMAX® can assimilate true close quarter conflict, which means participants get to learn self-defense tactics!!