Become a Radical Official Trainer

RADICAL FITNESS® Official Trainers (OTs) are highly trained instructors who have attended our certification seminars and have passed a rigorous exam. They are genuine fitness professionals who have attended curricular subjects such as Physiology, Biomechanics, Anatomy, Training Planning, Leadership and Teaching Methods. Their degree has an international standing.

Our OTs have the ability of creating and/or adapting each class to satisfy the requirements of each group of participants.

This tool is critical for capturing and retaining members. Each schedule and group of participants at the fitness center will be different, and evaluating them individually is essential for adjusting classes to their specific requirements.

OTs will have the benefit of being listed on our website, and will be included in our job bank. Thus, the list of the Official Trainers who have been trained and certified by RADICAL FITNESS will be available in order for fitness centers to be able to hire them.

OTs will get significant discounts in sportswear purchases and Radical Fitness educational fees.


Instructors will attend a quarterly refresher course where they will learn about new exercise routines as well as the latest innovations in the fitness industry worldwide, not only in the specific area of each training program, but also in connection with general topics such as teaching methods and customer service.


 Radical Fitness develops its Packages (containing one DVD and one CD) for each and every one of its group fitness programs on a quarterly basis. Each Package is comprised of one CD containing soundtracks that have been especially selected and edited using each program’s intelligent music format, and one DVD with a full video of the new class, which the instructor may teach or adapt for use at his/her fitness center.

  • relaunching

One fundamental factor in keeping the motivation and expectations of students high is constant variation and renewal of group fitness classes and music. This is particularly true considering that fitness clients fail to at tend sessions consistently during the year, with the resulting negative effects on fitness centers’ monthly income.

The quarterly update of both soundtracks and training routines offers fitness centers the chance of constantly renewing their Radical Fitness classes by periodically refreshing the music repertoire with songs selected out of the top-40 charts and the most popular tunes from the 1980s and 1990s.

This is in addition to new move routines and choreographic combinations, which are described in the DVDs.

Radical Fitness offers the opportunity of relaunching each class every three months, which constitutes an unrivaled marketing tool consisting in building expectations whenever a new mix is about to be launched.

These events, which make use of proper communication approaches as well as Radical Fitness graphical tools in each quarterly program renovation, not only succeed at keeping current clients motivated, but can also be used as an excuse for inviting friends and attracting new members into the fitness center.

This is an excellent promotion tool that offers unparalleled results both in terms of customer motivation and attraction.

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