FACTOR F ® – the Radical Functional Training program

Factor F® offers 2 very simple and intense training strategies in a 30-minute format, specifically for those with modern hectic lifestyles, to achieve real and fast results in terms of physical conditioning, fat burning and muscle toning.

This functional training program imitates real physical movements used in everyday life, at work and in sports, which is why demand for the program has taken the world by storm.

Factor F® is two individual programs in one, the first being Suspension Straps. Straps make it possible to work the body in all three planes, using ones own bodyweight as resistance.

The second Factor F® strategy is a Circuit, combining simple exercises using training props and/or the body weight. Different muscle groups are involved at the same time, which results in a considerable increase of the metabolic rate and improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Factor F uses the intelligent music format patented by Radical Fitness (IMF). The IMF frames the training program into a music format, offering motivating music for each class. The sound effects mark the length of each training segment so that the Instructor can easily deliver a Factor F class within the parameters and baselines developed by RF.

With a quarterly update of contents and music, Factor F is the most revolutionary Functional Training system in the world, now available in Argentina and the 42 countries where Radical Fitness has Master Franchises.

Factor F® is an effective, dynamic and fast strategy with exercises that are easy and fun. Once you try this class, it becomes an addiction and the results are noticeable in less than 4x weeks.