I could not have been more excited about attending the Radical World Summit in Argentina.
I had been to a Radical Summit in Japan two years prior where I made many wonderful friendships and gained great experiences but this was ARGENTINA!What made Argentina a special event is it’s the home of Radical Fitness. The Argentina team are my idols from the DVD, faces I see regularly but I had never met.The morning of the Summit had the Australian team of 3 (Dea, Hermione and myself) getting ready with a mayhem of hairspray, sneakers, mascara, clothes and fake tan.
Traveling to the Summit had my emotions turn from excitement to doubt…. ‘What am i doing here?’, “I am not good enough to be presenting on stage”, “what if I let my team down”, “The summit is for the best, not me”……
Arriving at the Summit didn’t help, the stadium was huge with an atmosphere so grand it made my heart pound.

What happened next is what makes me so proud to be part of the Radical Fitness Family, a true example of living and breathing the Radical DNA.

Dea said to me: ‘Everyone is nervous, the best of the best get nervous, just enjoy yourself and you will be great’.

From that second I realised Dea was right, she had my back and so did everyone else as I was greeted and welcomed by other Master Trainers from around the world and made me feel at ease. The support from everyone was really special and once I started presenting the amazing programs all doubt disappeared. Everyone was so humble and thats what was so lovely to see from everyone.
There is something so very special about a large group of people coming together and doing what we love. An energy we all felt and an experience we all shared together even though there were language barriers.

My appreciation from the summit are:
1. My idols became my mentors. I had Veronica, Diego and Jessica from Oxigeno work with me to correct my technique. Such beautiful people to meet and learn from.
2. Dea from the Australian team, supported and encouraged me from the very start up until walking on the stage
3. Bonding with the Australia and New Zealand family – I will always be grateful to Dea, Hermione, Terry, Gavin & Mel for this experience
4. Last of all, I appreciate every single friendship from the Summit. I met some beautiful people that I truly hope i get to see again very soon.

I for sure will be at the next summit and I hope everyone from Australia joins me.

MT Jodie Keir