Intelligent Music Format or IMF is based on a pre-edited musical format that with through physiology helps us as instructors to adapt our classes to suit the level of our participants.
IMF is the latest link to the evolutionary fitness chain that has emerged as an ideal balance between the structure of work and the balance of work that has developed in the last 20 years.

If we look back at the 80’s, we associate fitness with FREESTYLE classes, where the idea was for instructors to plan their classes with absolute freedom. Their creativity stood out, however the possibilities to experience new ideas and styles where limited, so their classes sometimes became tedious. Approximately 20 years before JAZZERCISE, a form of training applied to dance, pre-choreography soon followed.

The idea of pre-choreography was to interpret the music and control the quality of the class. The format however required absolute rigidness in terms of the instructors’ adaptation and planning of the class, seeing as they had to follow strict rules where they were not allowed to change any part of the choreography, developing a major disadvantage to their classes.

Radical Fitness® found a way to combine freestyle and pre-choreography, by balancing the freedom of freestyle and the dangerous rigidness of pre-choreography.

IMF includes rigid components, in terms of the entire outline of the class that drives the musical contrast and the internal structure within a song, used to plan the different physiological thresholds and progressions of teaching. And it includes flexible components, such as the rules and options that can be changed to suit different levels and intensities.

IMF was designed so that instructors are able to work with pre-edited music and allows them to plan their classes in such a way that suits the average level of their participants.
This particular planning system considers the different structures used to interpret music, so therefore the musical pieces are grouped in blocks, calculated by the beats per minute (BPM), number of octaves, melody and seconds, so the instructor is able to apply within these blocks, the planning of different exercises, keeping in mind at the same time:

    • Physiology
    • Interpretation of Music – Each segment has their own musical personality to interpret intensity, dynamics, and emotions that are released with the melodies.
    • Teaching – Each block gives us enough time to select different teaching methods required to instruct different end products.
    • Signals – Each block has a signal in specific sections of the track to help with the instruction of the class.
    • Blocks – Within each block, the instructor chooses exercises to suit each class, regulating their complexity and coordination to ensure each move balances well with the next.

Each program has its own specific format, and each instructor follows this format as he/she delivers his/her class. This format includes such parameters as:

  • Number of tracks and training segments per class.
  • Training objectives assigned to each track / segment.
  • Criteria for the selection, number and allocation of moves and move combinations in each segment.
  • Discipline-specific movements and exercises that have been tested to deliver the best results without injuries.
  • A musical structure for each track establishing the parameters for the execution and pedagogy of each routine, exercise and move pattern.
  • Music speed consistent with each training objective.
  • Exercise length and complexity parameters that regulate physiological demands as well as training objectives.
  • Special music effects that prompt the instructor to make changes at preset moments.

All these parameters afford both the instructor and the fitness center the tools that are required for delivering a consistent and robust product at each class throughout the entire year.

The robustness of our products, coupled with a sense of continuity, will give participants a feeling of control and persistency that will encourage them to continue to come to the program’s classes, thus enhancing customer retention during the year, and ensuring tangible physical results.

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