• Who can use the RADICAL MOBILE App?

Only those certified by Radical Fitness as Official Trainers will be eligible to use the Radical Mobile app.

RADICAL MOBILE is Free and exclusive for Radical Fitness Instructors (Official Trainers). If you haven’t been certified by Radical Fitness yet write to us requesting more information at or visit: and we’ll provide more information on the necessary training to help you join our team.

  • Where can I download the RADICAL MOBILE App?

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can download for free Radical Mobile from the iTunes App Store.

Users of the Android platform can obtain the Radical Mobile for free via the Play Store.

  • Learning to use RADICAL MOBILE

Use of the Radical Mobile App is very intuitive but a Users Guide, with all necessary information watch the instructions video here:

  • How is the Radical Mobile App activated?

Send us an email to requesting the username and password.

You will in turn receive a reply email with the information required to activate Radical Mobile. You will also receive an invitation to generate the password, for access to the App content.

  • How often is the content updated?

Refreshing and updating the Radical classes (music and video of each program) is done every three months in April (Fiesta 1), July (Fiesta 2), September (Fiesta 3) and December (Fiesta 4).

Updates of the new releases will be automatic

  • Do I need to be present at Radical Fiestas?

Yes, you still have to attend a Radical Fiesta. Even though music and videos are automatically downloaded to your Radical Mobile App the day after the Fiesta, it is still compulsory to attend at least two (2) Fiestas (Updates) within a calendar year.

Minimum one Fiesta (Update) every semester:

It is compulsory to be present at one (1) Fiesta during the first semester (Fiesta 1 or Fiesta 2) and one (1) Fiesta during the second semester (Fiesta 3 or 4).

Failure to comply with this contractual rule will result in access to the Radical Mobile App being denied (blocked), until the situation is resolved.

If your Radical Mobile access is suspended you will not have access to RADICAL FITNESS music &/or video because both music and videos are the property of Radical Fitness.

  • How do I play songs during classes?

Connect your device (smartphone or tablet) to the gym’s audio system and select the songs you wish to use.

Check with your facility, the best form of connection, whether by Bluetooth or cable.

  • How do I prevent my phone from ringing during the class?

Activate Airplane (Flight) Mode to block your mobile connection (denying phone &/or text) when using the Radical Mobile App during a class.

  • Which languages does RADICAL MOBILE support?

Currently RADICAL MOBILE is only offered only in English.

In time other languages will be added as we continue to develop the App.

Send us an email if your preferred language is not available, to help us gauge preferred

  •  Can I temporarily suspend my Radical Mobile access?

Unfortunately, a temporary freeze of your Radical Mobile access is not permissible.

If you wish, you can cancel your Radical Mobile access, which also means that you are cancelling the Official Trainer agreement that permits you to deliver classes.